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At DetailTech, we have researched and tested the latest in nano ceramic coatings that Somerset (and world-wide) has to offer. We choose to work with Xpel’s ceramic coating, which provides your vehicle with the protection it deserves to withstand the test of time and Kentucky weather elements. Although there are many different nano-ceramic coating products available in the market today, Xpel’s coating continues to provide the best performance and protection from environmental elements.

How does it work?

Xpel’s ceramic coating creates a barrier over your clear coat. Xpel Ceramic Coatings are chemically engineered to provide the best protections and longest durability available. It will create a hydrophobic barrier that protects your paint from harsh barriers and is scratch resistant. DetailTech use Xpel coatings because they provides the best protection, greatest durability and finest looking finish.

The Process

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During the preparation phase, we clean and prepare the surface before the correction phase. This ensures a clean working surface while machine polishing, and prevents further scratches due to dirt and grime being abrasive. 

During the correction phase, we machine-polish the vehicles paint to a deep a glossy look. This removes most scratches, marring, and other paint defects.

During the application phase, we apply the ceramic coating to the interior or exterior of your vehicle.

Aftercare is important for a ceramic coating. Ceramic coatings do not eliminate the need to wash, they drastically reduce the time and effort needed to wash.

The Xpel System

Exterior Coating Services

Exterior Coating Services

The prices below include interior/exterior detail, clay bar, iron removal, paint correction, ceramic of paint/trim/headlights/taillights



Paint Coated

Plastics Coated

Headlights Coated

Taillights coated

Chrome Coated

Wheels Coated

Glass Coated

Leather Coated

Brake Calipers Coated

level 3


full protection


full protection


Additional Coating Services

Additional Coating Services

Full Wheels

  • Wheel faces and barrels
  • 2 year warranty

Wheel Faces

  • Only includes the wheel faces
  • 2 year warranty

Brake Calipers

  • Only includes the brake calipers
  • 2 year warranty

Windshield Only

  • Only includes the windshield
  • 1 year warranty

All Glass

  • Includes front, sides, and rear
  • 1 year warranty

Engine Bay

  • Only includes the engine bay
  • 2 year warranty


$150 per row
  • Includes leather seats
  • 2 year warranty

Door Jambs

  • Only includes door jamb area of the doors
  • Warranty TBD

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?