Paint Correction

Paint Correction

What is paint correction?

Your car goes through many environmental challenges every day, from bad weather and bird droppings to industrial fallout. And generally, just everyday wear & tear. However, despite all your effort, there’s no helping that your car comes out at the end of the day looking a bit scratched up. But wait! There’s still hope for your car before you call the workshop to schedule a body paint appointment. It’s called ‘paint correction’.



Why is paint correction important?

Paint correction is an important step in maintaining the shine and slick of your vehicle, as scratches or micro-marring in the body paint layer creates the imperfections you see on your car. Among the imperfections that can appear are swirl marks or spider webbing, caused by improper washing and drying. Another imperfection is the hologram, caused by inexperienced detailers. And of course as mentioned earlier on, the environment also contributes to these micro-marring on your car.

Paint correction works to level out or ‘cut’ the scratches away from the body paint layer. This means that the body paint layer will decrease in thickness. Achieved through various techniques, tools and products, paint correction is definitely something you should leave to professional detailers as it deals with calculated precision.

What are the benefits of having a paint correction performed on my vehicle?

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Different Types Of Paint Defects

See The Real Difference

Use the interactive slider to see the true differrence between a non-corrected and corrected surface.




Gloss Enhancement

Water Spotting Removed

Minor Imperfections Removed

Medium Imperfections Removed

Heavy Imperfections Removed

Swirls Removed

Fisheyes and Marring Removed

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$650 (60-75%)


$800 (75-90)

These percentage and time frames are not the same for every vehicle and can change depending on the condition. All vehicles paint must be measured prior to booking a stage 2 or stage 3 correction.
Most black vehicles will fall under the stage 2/stage 3 category to achieve best possible results. To get a better understanding of what stage correction is needed for your vehicle please stop by during normal business hours for a walk-through on your vehicle. No appointment necessary.
All of our paint enhancements/ or corrections are topped with a ceramic-like sealant for short-term protection. In order to achieve long term protection look into our ceramic coatings.