The Future Of Marine Care

At DetailTech, we have researched and tested the latest in nano ceramic coatings in Somerset (and world-wide) has to offer. We work with Coatings, which will provide your boat with the protection it deserves to withstand the test of time and weather elements. Although there are many nano ceramic coating products available in the market today, Coatings continues to provide the best performance and protection from environmental elements.

How does it work?

Coatings Marine bonds, and creates a protective and invisible layer ontop of your gelcoat or fiberglass. This is what enables is to protect against salt water, uv rays, surface contaminants, oxidation, acid rain, industral fallout, bird droppings, and more.

The Process

During the preparation phase, we clean and prepare the surface before the correction phase. This ensures a clean working surface while machine polishing, and prevents further scratches due to dirt and grime being abrasive. 

During the correction phase, we machine-polish the gelcoat to a deep a glossy look. This removes most scratches, marring, and other defects.

During the application phase, we apply the ceramic coating to the interior and exterior of your boat.

Aftercare is important for a ceramic coating. Ceramic coatings do not eliminate the need to wash, they drastically reduce the time and effort needed to wash.

Coating Services

Marine - 3 YR

$100per foot
  • 3 year coating
  • repels dirt and other contaminants in the water
  • super hydrophobic
  • 10H durability
  • protects against salt water, oxidation, and uv rays
  • protects against acid rain, industrial fallout, and surface contaminants
  • makes maintenance super easy and convenient
  • keeps the gelcoat or fiberglass in good condition
  • 3 yr warranty

Full Interior

$499starting price
  • Complete interior


$199starting price
  • 2 year coating


$199starting price
  • 1 year coating


$199starting price
  • 3 year coating